Curtis & Anderson Title Financing

Curtis & Anderson Title Financing

Trying to repair your credit rating can take some time depending upon how much damage has been done. Of course, if you’re seeking a loan now, you probably can’t wait for your credit score to improve over time. Fortunately, you have another great option. Title loans in Kansas City provide the perfect solution for folks with poor or bad credit because they don’t take credit into consideration when granting loans. Instead, you can qualify for a loan with the title to a vehicle that you own. This is a type of collateral loan. Your vehicle acts as collateral to secure the loan, so a credit check doesn’t even come into play. Secured loans are pretty common these days in the lending industry, and a secured loan often works as an advantage to the borrower. Since the lender is unlikely to take a loss with a secured loan, they repay the borrower by funding larger loan amounts with competitive rates. You might say it is a winning situation for both parties. In addition to generous loan offers, car title loans can be processed much faster than old traditional loans, so borrowers can look forward to quick cash in only a day.

How To Apply

Let’s Look at the Application Process

When to Consider a Loan

• You might consider title loans in Kansas City when your monthly bills have become unmanageable.

• When bill collectors are harassing you with calls.

• If you are falling behind on bills.

• If you have a large expense coming up.

• When you’re making a major lifestyle change like moving, marrying, having a baby or changing jobs.

Where Can You Submit an Application?

1. Online, whenever it’s convenient for you.

2. At a nearby loan store, so you can ask a few questions before completing your application.

3. Call Curtis & Anderson Title Financing to speak with a real person who will fill out your application and submit the form.


What Documents Are Required for Loan Consideration?

• We prefer to see documentation or a paycheck stub showing you have a source of money coming in.

• We can accept a Missouri identification card or your driver’s license to check that you meet the minimum age requirement of 18.

What Are the Vehicle Requirements for Collateral Purposes?

You will have to own a vehicle that is safe enough to drive on the streets. Our list of acceptable vehicles for collateral includes SUVs, motorcycles, trucks and cars. The applicant must be willing to pledge the vehicle against the loan.

You should have the car title to this vehicle, which shows your name, and the title must be free and clear. This is important because it indicates there are no lien holders that could have an interest in the vehicle.

What Data Is Needed to Complete Your Application?

• You must complete your first and last name in the name field and provide a zip code for your home address along with a telephone number.

• To establish the value for your automobile, we will need to learn the model, make and style with the year. Additionally, we would like an estimate of the current mileage.


Learning More About Vehicle Title Loans

• If you need to make a payment, wish to see a loan advisor or have a couple of questions, we’re ready to serve your financial concerns at local loan offices nearby.

• It’s possible to receive a loan offer worth as much as $5,000.

• No one is ever left waiting for loan funding because we pay out in 24 hours.

• We design customized loan packages, so you get manageable payments.

• Applicants never have to worry about being disqualified for loans because of bad credit.

How it works

Turning in an Application

If you have decided that a loan is warranted and you meet the loan criteria, the folks at Curtis & Anderson Title Financing encourage you to submit a free loan application for title loans in Kansas City.

Sorting out Loan Details

After we approve your application, a loan representative will contact you to talk about the loan terms you prefer and what options are open to you based on your average income.

Choosing the Best Repayment Plan

It is important that you provide us with enough details about your financial situation, so we can find the best repayment plan to fit in with your needs. We want you to have a plan that is affordable and won’t be a financial burden to your household.

The representative will provide you with instructions to drive to a close loan store in your area, so you can complete the legal paperwork required to close the loan.

Checking out State Auto Title Loan Regulations

There are a few federal laws that govern car title loans, but most vehicle title laws are set by the individual state. Missouri laws actual cap the maximum loan amount at $5,000, so title lenders cannot lend more than this amount to an individual borrower. However, Missouri does not cap the interest rate, so it’s up to the lender and the borrower to come to an agreement on rates.

Typically, loan terms in Missouri are set up using a 30 day term. However, it’s also possible to extend or rollover the loan at least two times before the borrower must pay a minimum of 10 percent on the principal to extend the time frame further.

Closing Your Loan

Curtis & Anderson Title Financing will require the borrower to bring in their identification and the hard copy of their vehicle title to close the loan at a loan office. We provide the borrower with a contract clearly stating the terms they are agreeing to and when the full amount comes due.

Anyone signing a loan agreement is encouraged to ask questions or to get clarification if something doesn’t seem clear on the contract.

If you agree with the loan terms, you’ll sign the contract, and we will disburse your loan funds.

Everybody wins with quick cash from title loans in Kansas City.